Age Friendly Business Academy


We Believe…..

that people of all ages deserve a place in our communities and our businesses where they are welcomed, acknowledged, safe, and respected, and when that happens, everybody wins!

We Have a Vision…..

of a world that is age-friendly, and values the contributions of all persons.

Our Mission…..

is to help business, professionals, organizations and services elevate the quality of the customer experience for the age 50+, and to recognize and celebrate those who cared enough to learn more and serve better.

How We Do It…..

Inspired by the United Nations endorsed “Age-Friendly City” initiative, Age-Friendly Business® is committed to building upon this noble foundation by inviting businesses to learn how to provide a more respectful and age-relevant customer experience for the age 50+. Since 2003, we have been helping professionals, businesses, and organizations learn about the evolving needs of the Boomer and Senior members of our communities. When the businesses and professionals care enough to learn more and serve better, we give them the ‘Age-Friendly’ stamp of approval and celebrate and showcase them in their own community. This is what we do, this is all we do, and we do it well! Because of our exclusive focus on elevating the quality of service to the age 50+, we are often sought out by the media to comment on how the changing profiles of our communities demand a new response from the businesses and professionals serving them. Our programs and support services ensure that professionals and businesses have the knowledge and tools to provide a relevant, respectful and appropriate client experience for the age 50+ market, and with our designation, certifications, and promotional materials, are distinguished within their own communities.

  • We offer a general Membership in the Customers Choice program that provides the professional and business owner with weekly information about how they can stand apart and increase their business revenues by offering and outstanding and exceptional customer experience. Membership includes access to monthly recorded business building webinars in addition to weekly tips about how to identify and better serve your ideal clients and customers.
  • For businesses, we offer the Certified Age-Friendly Business (CAFB)® program. In order for a business to become a Certified Age-Friendly Business (CAFB)®, all staff working with the public must complete an online and dynamic 2 hour interactive online Foundation Course, and the business must agree to abide by the Age-Friendly Business® Code of Service. This course introduces some of the age-related changes experienced by the 50+ market and offers realistic recommendations that can be implemented the very next day. For more information about this certification, go to
  • For individual professionals, we offer the Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® designation course. This course includes a robust 24 module curriculum, addressing the health, social, legal. and financial aspects of aging. Professionals must complete successfully each module in the selected curriculum, and agree to abide by the Code of Professional Responsibility. For more information about this designation, go to


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