President Barack Obama Proclaims June as LGBT Pride Month

    Presidential Proclamation– LGBT Pride Month  | The White House From the moment our Nation first came together to declare the fundamental truth that all men are created equal, courageous and dedicated patriots have fought to refine our founding promise and broaden democracy’s reach.  Over the course of more than two centuries of striving more »

Protect yourself from office bullies

    Aryanne Oade, an experienced chartered psychologist and author says there are numerous effective ways to protect yourself from the intimidating behaviour of a colleague or superior in the workplace “Many attacks are planned to isolate the target,” says Aryanne. The result is that you may feel uncertain how to deal with confusing and more »

Mental illness in the workplace: Ask for help early

  If you are someone with high anxiety or any other mental health issue and you haven’t told your employer, what do you do? If you are not in a job that requires legal disclosure of a mental health problem, like an airline pilot or police officer, you may not have to do anything. But if you find more »

Multilingual Exposure Improves Children’s Social Skills

  Young children only have to hear more than one language spoken at home to become better communicators, a new study from University of Chicago psychologists finds. Researchers discovered that children from multilingual environments are better at interpreting a speaker’s meaning than children who are exposed only to their native tongue.   Read the article more »

Bullying and Sexism in the Armed Forces

Sexism and Harassment during military training A female in the Canadian armed forces during training exercise was bullied, what does that say about the military? (read on, you maybe surprised) Nichola Goddard was the first female soldier killed in combat in Canadian history. Nichola turned the stereotypes of our soldiers on their ear. Nichola commented to her superior more »

What is Care4?

Care4 has been created to help raise awareness internationally for the cause against Bullying and associated issues.

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