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Since the emergence of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, Cyber Bullying has become one of the most talked about, globally recognised issues, taking the lives of thousands of people across the world each year.

These social networks deliver the platform for these criminal activities to occur but assume no responsibility for the heinous results… It is time that someone did something about this and we at Care4 want to get that ball rolling.

If you are being bullied online, harassed or trolled by someone through these social platforms, DO NOT FEAR, you are not alone and there IS something you can do.

Below are a few suggestions:

Report Bullying/Harassment to Facebook by CLICKING HERE

Report Bullying/Harassment to Twitter by CLICKING HERE

Report Bullying to the UK Police by CLICKING HERE

Report Bullying to the Canadian Police by CLICKING HERE

These are the first places where Cyber Bullying should be reported. The police across the UK, Canada and USA are becoming more aware of the issues around Cyber Bullying and are becoming more responsive to the people in need and in particular the young and vulnerable.

If you have any experiences that you can share with our users please do share them on our FORUM.

“Stand Up To Bullying”

Below are the selection of our favorite support organizations in the UK that can be contacted if you need information or further support:

Below are the selection of our favourite support organisations in Canada that can be contacted if you need information or further support:

If you would like to share your experiences, why not join the forum and let us know about your story. You can access the forum by CLICKING HERE.

Alternatively feel free to get in touch with our UK team by emailing or our Canadian team by emailing

What is Care4?

Care4 has been created to help raise awareness internationally for the cause against Bullying and associated issues.

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