Bullying has become a Social epidemic. Why? Some reference sites are below, the reason for this epidemic are multi dimensional. From the way children are taught through role models (parents, school environments) to work environments where employees are intimidated into behaving and acting "in the best interest of the organization". Bullying is intimidation or manipulation in any form. People have rights which are disregarded by bullies. The perpetrator may have had these behaviours environmentally instilled , or learned behaviour at some point in their life.

Care4 is here to provide resources to those who have been bullied, want to understand why it happened, how to move forward and prevent themselves from further bullying.

Care4 and our mission.

It is a complex phenomenon. Recovering from bullying takes time, understanding yourself, your behaviours and your environment.

Browsing our resources and pages, seeking advice from our our Ad Vocate Members can help. If you suspect you or a loved one has been bullied, please reach out for help to #recoverfrombullying.  There is no need to suffer. help is available!

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California Department of Education

Bullying Q & A

Web MD Frequently Asked Questions

Bullying Forum Q & A

What is Care4?

Care4 has been created to help raise awareness internationally for the cause against Bullying and associated issues.

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