“Covert or Silent” Bullies; Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Narcissists

"Covert or Silent" Bullies

The news abounds with stories of men and woman who have been deceived, manipulated into believing the "Love of their life" or their "Soul Mate" was a true, sincere and honest individual.

With the proliferation of online dating the vectors these social predators have available to them to find suitable prey has increased exponentially.

Many tactics are used to lure their prey.  Review Care4's Why Me? in Bullying's latest news for some traits of who they target.

These individuals number in the tens of thousands. Some reports put the numbers at 1 in 25 people possessing Sociopath, Narcissist or Psychopath personality traits.

This phenomenon has largely been "swept under the rug" by victims too ashamed to come forward, being "duped" by someone you know is a very real possibility.

Techniques used by these individuals include; Love Bombing, Gaslighting, and a host of other "tools of the trade"

Care4 urges anyone who feels they are being manipulated or "something just isn't right" in any of their relationships, be it Business, Social or Romantic to educate and protect themselves from Social Predators. Currently legislation is being drafted in States in the U.S. to make this type of Bullying a crime.

One description of this type of manipulation is referred to as "Emotional Rape". Every bit as traumatic as "Physical Rape", but largely misunderstood.

Some resources to investigate:

Love Fraud

Psychopaths and "love"

Joyce Short leading a campaign against deception and relationships

"Snakes in Suits" A book written with the Business World in mind, discusses and shows examples of office "Politics" (Not really politics - blatant manipulation in the business/office environment)

"The Sociopath next door" A book written describing Sociopaths in various situations.

"The Gaslight Effect" A book describing the Gaslight technique used by manipulative people. The term Gaslighting is coined from various movies, one being a 1944 movie with Ingrid Bergman.


Be educated, Be safe, Be aware!

What is Care4?

Care4 has been created to help raise awareness internationally for the cause against Bullying and associated issues.

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