Workplace Bullying, a rising business concern

A hostile working environment will cost employers legal settlement costs, lost employees and compromise employee retention

When does a £3.1 million settlement for sexual harassment, discrimination, victimization and unfair dismissal make sense in business? Businesses have to wake to the reality of bullying. No longer can this be swept under the "proverbial rug" as horseplay or "team building" (really?). Workplace bullying is real, it is very costly in many ways.

Svetlana Lokhova won this settlement in the U.K.recently, Employers must pay heed to this precedent setting judgement.

What can bullying or harassment cause? It could cause a revenue generator (Ms. Lokhova annual earnings from her work earning profits for her employer exceeded £750,000 annually) to suffer from stress and lower their productivity. Worse in this case, you could lose them altogether. Then take into account the effect that bullying and harassment can have on other members of the team and staff morale, in general. If that is not enough for the alarm bells to ring, there is damage to your business reputation as well.

The bullying against her included gender-based comments made to colleagues and to clients. She suffered a mental breakdown will never be able to work in the financial sector again. And to top it all off, she was falsely accused at the employment tribunal of being a drug user...

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What is Care4?

Care4 has been created to help raise awareness internationally for the cause against Bullying and associated issues.

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